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Additional modular inserts to run almost any combination of batteries in the CellVault-5M Modular Battery Storage Case.


When you combine the Modular Insert Pak inserts with those that come with the CellVault-5M Modular Battery Storage Case, the possibilities are almost endless. Need to run ten CR123s? You can do that. How about four 18650s and two CR123s? Yup. You can also keep batteries staged outside the CellVault-5M and quickly swap them into the case to match your needs.


The Modular Insert Pak includes:


Three 2 x CR123 Inserts (aka Three 16650 Inserts)

Two 1 x 18650 Inserts

One 3 x 18350 Insert

Two 4 x AAA/ 2 x 1632 Inserts


Designed and manufactured in the USA.

THYRM Modular Insert Pak

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