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The SOG TAC-AU is a fast-opening, automatic folder that springs to action with either hand, and stays open with exceptional lock-up strength thanks to SOG’s advanced AU-XR Lock. An American-made switchblade, it's a muscular go-to and back-up tool for military, first responders, and defensive carry users who will appreciate the reliable Double-action Safety. Featuring a 3.43-inch CRYO D2 steel blade and textured, hard-anodized aluminum handle. The SOG-TAC AU is a switchblade for those who demand nothing less than exceptional reliability.


Due to State and Federal Laws we only ship automatic knives within the state of Alaska.

SOG Auto Tac AU

  • Overall Length: 8.03"
    Blade Length: 3.43"
    Steel: Cryo D2
    Closed Length: 4.59"
    Weight: 3.5 oz
    Blade Thickness: 0.11"
    Handle: Black Anodized Aluminum
    Made in USA

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