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All Scandinavian knives are hand sharpened on diamond stones and then hand stropped. We sharpen all Scandinavian knives in the traditional style, by sharpening the entire bevel, not just the cutting edge. This results in a extremely sharp polished edge and keeps the original Scandinavian grind intact. If you have a Scandinavian knife that has been sharpened on the cutting edge and want the resulting micro bevel removed, this service will correct the issue and bring the blade back to its proper grind geometry.


If you have a Scandinavian knife that has a micro bevel that you wish to keep, or want one added, please use our standard Western knife sharpening service and indicate that this is what you want in the special requests section of the page. Addition of a micro bevel will not incur any extra charges. Be aware however that while such a micro bevel makes future sharpening easier, it will also diminish the immediate and long term sharpness of your knife.

Scandinavian Knife Sharpening

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