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Vintage 6" blade French Sabatier Kitchen Knife blanks.


These classic forged blanks were produced in the Sabatier factory in France most likely sometime before World War 2. Possibly as early as the 1920’s.


These blanks are new off the forge and thereby need to be annealed, heat treated and tempered.


Note: A starting point in the heat treating process is provided below. Let your experience in heat treating carbon steel guide your final process. The steel in the blades is similar to modern 1075 or 1080 carbon steel.


Anneal - 1450 F drop to 1275 4 hours and cool

Harden - 1500 F and quench in oil.

Temper – One hour between 325 and 425 F


Sabatier blanks from this era usually have minor warps in the flatness of the blade as forged. This is not a defect in the blank and it is easily remedied during the grinding phase of completing the knife.

Sabatier 6" Knife Blank

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