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Offering clear thermal imaging in a compact monocular, Ocean Scout quickly detects humans, animals, and objects in low visibility environments—day or night. Generating images based on heat, rather than visible light, thermal imaging gives users increased situational awareness in complete darkness and haze, providing reliable vision for surveillance and safe navigation. A rugged IP-67 housing allows on-demand thermal imaging in the most trying conditions.

FLIR Ocean Scout 320

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  • Black Hot & White Hot: Black Hot / White Hot /InstAlert™
    Display:  641 x 480 LCD Display
    Size (L x W x H): 6.70" x 2.31" x 2.44"
    Task Light: LED enabled during Power Off state
    Zoom Button : 2X Zoom
    Video Outpt : Composite Video Output
    Operating Temperature:  -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C)
    Rating: IP-67, submersible
    Field of view (FOV): 17° × 13°
    Image Polarity: White Hot / Black Hot / InstAlert™ selectable
    Start up: <1.5 seconds
    Thermal Resolution: 336 x 256
    Weight [incl lens]: 12oz (340g)
    Thermal Sensitivity: <50mK @f/1.1
    Battery Life (Operating): >5 hours
    Battery Type: Internal Li-ion cell
    Detect Man (1.8m x 0.5m): 1,800ft. (550m)
    Detector Type - Thermal: 336 × 256 VOx Microbolometer
    Image Processing - Thermal: FLIR Propriety Digital Detail Enhancement™
    Start Up - Thermal: <1.5 seconds
    Video Refresh Rate - Thermal: <9Hz NTSC or 30 Hz
    Waveband: 7.5 - 13.5µm

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